Dr. Google – Zoom Presentation

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By , April 7, 2021


Buffalo Pepin Literacy Alliance is helping you become an informed consumer of health information by promoting helpful presentations like this one!

Dr. Google” – Finding Health Information You Can Trust is a free 90 minute educational program developed by Wisconsin Health Literacy. The program helps adults use the internet to find reliable health information. Participants will learn how to tell which websites are good and practice searching different health topics.

Library WIFI Update

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By , March 31, 2021

Thanks to a 2020 Institute of Museum and Library Services – Cares Grant, the Library’s WIFI has been extended to the parking lot north of City Hall. The public parking lot is adjacent to Mississippi Lock and Dam number 4, and the pedestrian overpass. The WIFI signal, which also extends across the street in front of the Library, is available 24 hours/365 days each year.

Discussion – Balancing Individual Interests & the Common Good

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By , March 31, 2021

Join the Wisconsin Academy of Letters and Science for a Roots of Democracy series discussion: Balancing Individual Interests and the Common Good, via Zoom. This online discussion and Q & A is open to the public! Just Register Now to participate, then mark your calendar for April 15, 2021, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm to join in. 

“Americans today find themselves in the grip of a global pandemic and climate crisis as well as racial and economic inequality—big problems that can only be addressed through government leadership and citizens’ participation. There is an inherent tension in the U.S. Constitution between  “the general welfare” and “the blessings of liberty.” In the face of these seemingly opposite propositions, how can American democracy support solutions for such significant problems? “

Volunteers? Brag Tag Braids

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By , March 18, 2021

Hi Friends. Looking for some volunteers to help braid brag tag bookmarks. It’s a fun small project, and we’ll provide all the materials! Pick up a handful of Brag Tags and some Yarn from the Library. Braid (or crochet) them and bring them back to the library to share after you are done!

Best of 2020 Children’s Title Choices

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By , March 18, 2021

From an article that originally appeared in the March 16, 2021, issue of DPI-ConnectEd.

The Cooperative Children’s Book Center, a part of UW Madison – School of Education and partially supported by the Department of Public Instruction, recently released their CCBC Choices best-of-the-year list. Librarians of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center are recommending 257 books published in 2020, out of the nearly 3,000 books they received.

The CCBC is a non-circulating research library for anyone interested in children’s and young adult literature. The CCBC receives almost every children’s and young adult book from the publishing industry in the United States each year. CCBC librarians have read, cataloged, and written the recommendations for the best-of-the-best books since 1980. The CCBC has also been documenting books by and about Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) it has received since 1994 and is an authoritative national source on tracking diversity in children’s and young adult literature.

The CCBC is located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus at the corner of Mills and Dayton Streets, in the Teacher Education Building. Although closed during the pandemic, the CCBC is usually open to the public. Librarians and teachers looking for children’s and young adult book recommendations can email for more information (ccbcinfo at education.wisc.edu).

March Library News

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By , March 15, 2021

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