Staff Description: Director Librarian

By , September 24, 2014


Position:              Director/Librarian

 DPI Requirements: (Library positions IV and V.)

  • Earned 56 College Credits
  • Completed Category B Grade III Certification Courses (4 courses within 4 years)
  • Maintain and report Continuing Education Credits (100 CEUs within 5 year period) to the System Validator to maintain Category B Grade III status
  • Submit DPI Annual Report in timely manner.
  • Monitor Library and Municipal compliance with W.S. Chapter 43

 Hours of Service/ Physical Requirements:

  • Salaried part-time position covering 1,408 hours per year over 52 week period.
  • Required 25 hours/week, with work shift of 12:00Noon7:00 Monday, Wednesday, Friday (or approximately 8.33 hours per day).
  • Must be flexible to cover for Wednesday 11:00 Story Time; for travel to training and workshops in La Crosse, Sparta and other Winding Rivers Library Locations on some Thursdays in the Month; and for local community meetings and programs.
  • Must be able to reach down to floor and reach up minimum of 80“
  • Must be able to lift minimum of 40-lb boxes or bins

 Director Responsibilities:

  •  Collection/Circulation – 30%

The Director is responsible for reviewing, selecting, purchasing, preparing, cataloging and displaying the collection for the library in many media types as required by the patronage and public library standards for collection. The Director is also responsible for circulation management of the collection according to library policies and Library System policies in a shared system catalog software. It is foremost that the Director maintains confidentiality of patron checkouts. Director maintains Interlibrary Loan within System and State holdings. 

  • Budget Administration – 25%

The Director is responsible for Budget Administration to submit for Library Board approval:

  • Budget Drafting for new fiscal year held in Sep and participate in presenting to municipal officials when requested
  • Making purchases according to approved line item amounts
  • Reconciling purchases with the municipal accounting
  • Preparing reporting on expenditures for Board voucher approval committee
  • Collecting and distributing Patron fines within the WRLS system
  • In addition, the Director seeks outside funding through grants, gifts and donations
  • Turning in monthly Petty Cash/vouchers to Board Treasurer 

Technical Skill Requirements include:

  • Proficiency in current Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • Proficiency in current Microsoft Word
  • Trouble shooting and update ability on library computers
  • Proficient operation of calculator, copiers, printers, label printers & typewriter


  • Community Involvement – 20%

     The Director is responsible for interfacing with a diversity of community groups to learn

     the needs of the public it serves. (Library specialty positions #7, #8, #9, #11)

  • Prepares and presents weekly story time
  • Prepares and presents programs with a large effort for summer reading programs
  • Publicizes programs and services in newspaper articles, announcements, and flyers.
  • Maintains program/services announcements on community bulletin boards
  • Maintains updates on library website
  • Attends community meetings to understand emerging service needs
  • Considers and proposes Library Development Plans in accordance the Board’s Long Range Plan and Board Policies.
  • Provides technical coaching for all age levels in computer/internet navigation, emails, e-books, digital audio devices, online registration and applications

 Skill requirements include:

  • Good inter-personal skills
  • Good team worker
  • Proficiency in writing and editing
  • Some knowledge of graphic design
  • Proficiency in digital camera use with publication
  • Proficiency in WordPress for website/blog
  • Flexibility in personal schedule
  • Knowledge of the community resource needs
  • Working knowledge of PCs, laptops, current e-devices


  • Reporting – 10%

The Director reports directly to the Board of Trustees and is responsible for planning meeting packets for Bi-monthly Reports to the Board of Trustees held Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov. Packets include: 

  • Directors Report, Discussion/Approval Items
  • Bi-Monthly Budget Report
  • Annual Report to the Winding Rivers Library System for the DPI due in Feb
  • Any follow-up reports due to procured grant programs 

Skill requirements include:

  • Clear and concise communication abilities
  • Proficiency in current Microsoft Word
  • Proficiency in e-mail and attachments


  • Public Library Administration – 10%

The Director is responsible for Administration of the Public Library in accordance with the statues, rules and guidelines of the State of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. In addition, the Director takes guidance from the Director of Winding Rivers Library System (WRLS) and the Alma Public Library Board of Trustees; staying in compliance with these rules and directives. The Director earns CEU’s in training workshops with WRLS and is required to investigate and install new technology. (Library specialty positions #9) 

Skill requirements include:

  • Knowledge of hardware specifications and interfaces
  • Knowledge of software installation and updates
  • Knowledge of Municipal, State, Library Board, Library System and DPI guidelines


  • Staff Administration – 5%

The Director is responsible for Staff Administration to include: (Library specialty positions #11) 

  • Interviewing and hiring of assistants.
  • Training new staff
  • Scheduling staff according to Board and City requirements
  • Verifying timesheets
  • Giving performance evaluations
  • Firing of staff
  • Interviewing and accepting volunteers
  • Directing training of volunteers
  • Record community service volunteer attendance and/or reports as required
  • Provide staff/volunteers opportunity to give feedback to Director


  • Additional Responsibilities
  • Help maintain hallway and bathroom facilities
  • Vacuum and dust library

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